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Indra Structure - Is our Strength

A beautiful design giving our clients complete value for their money is the out come of a stream lined production unit. We are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, which enable us to bring our flawless range of products.

Production process Yarn is purchased from mills/dealers and is dyed in our unit where we have facilities for manual, machine dyeing and lab testing. After this the yarn is issued to the Waving Department. The stitching and finishing work is done in our tailoring unit, which is equipped with imported machines.

Our designers, craftsmen & support staff are well qualified & trained to meet best of the quality standards & deliveries.

The showroom:

Is the most articulate showroom of elegant home furniture and exclusive accessories for home d├ęcor. The 40,000-sft showrooms at Karur,

Excellent Support

To us, consistency in terms of quality of the product, timely delivery of the product, regulatory documents and prices is of decisive significance.

Frequently Updates

We have experienced designers; having a good sense of fashion market and its specific requirements, design our entire collection. Showcasing creativity and imagination, our collection is topping the style charts with their novelty designs.


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